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  • Midnight Raven Mental Institution and Drug Rehabilitation Center

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  • First Floor: Processing

    A patient's journey here at Midnight Raven Mental Institution and Drug Rehabilitation Center begins here. Here is where the commitment papers are signed and patients are examined, cleaned, and given their room assignments and therapy schedule. In the worst cases, the abuse can begin as early as the processing floor.
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    Against Your Will
    Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:24 am
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  • Second Floor: Patient's Rooms

    All patient rooms are located on the second floor of the institution. Each room contains one bed, a small desk in one corner, and an open bathroom in another. The rooms have small five inch square windows on the doors, and a barred window of equal size on the inside. The locks on these doors are electric, after lights out, no patient gets in, or out of their room. Showering quarters are also on this floor.
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    Blackness fills the holes
    Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:18 am
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  • Third Floor: Therapy Rooms

    The third floor of the institution is devoted to patient therapy. Whether it's group counseling, private sessions, or the many less conventional therapy methods practiced here, all patients will undergo some form of therapy. Most of the abuse that takes place happens on this floor.
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  • Fourth Floor: Common Floor

    The fourth floor of the institution, the common floor is the location of many vital areas, such as the cafeteria, the infirmary, and the visitation, or rec room. Most times all the patients currently committed in the institution are on this floor at the same time, so most fights that happen, happen on the common floor.
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  • Fifth Floor: Solitary Floor

    Patients that act out, or disobey their therapist's orders are often sent to the solitary floor. The solitary floor is exactly the same as the the second floor, except there are no windows in the doors, or the rooms themselves. There is a slot in the door for the patients meals to be slipped inside. Unlike the rooms on the second floor, these rooms have a small shower head in the corner, with a drain that runs back into the main water line, as patients on this floor are not allowed to leave their rooms at all. The solitary floor can sometimes be used as a form of torture as well.
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  • Sixth Floor: The Mythics Floor

    A new floor was added after the institution was given a secret government grant to run a secret government project. To the other patients of the institution this is called the forbidden floor, no one is allowed access to this floor without the proper clearance. Entering this floor requires having a special key card that only staff members are allowed to carry. On this floor are the patients called the Myhtics. These patients are of a various range of creatures once thought to be only myths. They have their own rooms and common area on this floor, and are only allowed on the therapy floor when no other patients are there. In order to leave this floor to go to therapy, or for some, to solitary, they must be escorted by a staff member.
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